Sunday, October 1, 2017

Orcas Island

I have been to an island. I went to imagine. I came back. I went again.

The island has a way of arranging priorities for you. It is a little difficult to explain.

I didn't take a camera onto the island and the island broke my phone case right in the lens protector.

I have some words.

Mysterious creatures.
Who am I to interject how and why they do what they do.

Malcolm Gladwell attempts to frame "entitlement" as a good thing that is worth reaching for, if it were approached from the lens of a century ago. Funny how today it is this horrible thing to be pushed down.

"I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in inside of me.' _Anaïs Nin

"Death is real. Rebirth is realer."
_T Powers

"I want god, I want poetry,
I want danger, I want freedom,
I want goodness, I want sin."
_Aldous Huxley

"Only the abstruse are unappreciative of paradox."
_Tom Robbins

"For many of us, our strongest and at the same time vaguest desire is to be more creative."
_School of Life

Life has an edge. A pre-condition of being alive is that you are not dead. I read an article that I realize was more profound than I thought. It is an argument against Nietsche: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" saying "yet it almost does" and that we should honor the almost. Catherine Woodiwiss asserts that near-death experiences and exposure to death are real things that may take out some of the light in life and denial of this fact may be unhealthy. The conclusion in my journal (which I'm not sure if it is my conclusion or hers) states "The war to choose vulnerability must be won again and again."

Love | Generosity | Play

What does it take to stimulate our selves having experienced all the things we've experienced? The ups, the downs, the relationships, the religions, sex, drugs, and rock n roll. 
Passivity | Coffee | Relativity | Gospel

I often wonder if Burning Man & extended burner/festival culture is an attempt to short-circuit the emotional spectrum and cheat life into more joy. My inner counter-argument is that these events and their connectivity is a path spiraling into a wide-realized group of humans that collectively are onto some explanation of humanity worth seeking (some describe it as consciousness)

Star Wars is a useful way to view the modern world. We each have a relationship with the light, and it is often hard to choose light over dark.

"Everything that you see and hear is speaking to you." _Jim Carrey

Recently I have been conversing about fear and courage through the lens' of Harry Potter and Laird Hamilton. Both 'characters' have a way with 'courage' that provides an enabler in the face of 'perceived fear.' Laird provides a working conclusion in his explanation that fear increases performance and harnesses power. He recommends not to fight it or overanalyze it, but to meet it. I take it as: one ought commit with intelligence and conviction via the best available information.

True companions assist nowness | blur.

Barn piano. The only way it is real is to be there. Here. Simple joys. Hot coffee.

What if I told you that truth resided within
yella squash and olive oil?
connection and will?
arugula, eggs, and salmon?
vulnerability and inquisition?

Life has a string that holds the things together.

Big love to Orcasong farm for having us and our shenanigans, the salmon that fed us, and our guide Chance.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oregon | Eclipse

The eclipse was a more insane experience than anticipated. The week consisted of many trains and tunnels of themes and thoughts. Early on I was introduced to thinking of the electro-magnetic receptivity of a horse's heart which is (according to a friend) sufficiently sensitive due to its size to detect the intention/vibration of other beings in its presence, and also why animals (notably dogs) interact in semi-circles. As the week wound and wove I came to an understanding of festy dance floor energy as a palace of general good vibes, and I do admit that all the drug abuse may chemically/artificially inflate this. The actual eclipse was a moment of apexed human love and positive charge/vibration. Call me a delusional hippy if you want, but the understanding I left the eclipse with was clear.

The was and will be a collection of ideas surrounding the eclipse. Some of the ones that stuck with me:

A rebalancing of feminine and masculine energy in each modern citizen of the world and the socio-political climate. It is a delicate balance, and I know no concrete answers, but many elements of our political system could use a motherly touch.



Mother. Earth. Each of our own personal relationship to the idea of mother, our personal mothers, our lovers, the givers of life. Respect.

There was a global representation filling in all of the places I have lived, places I identify with, and languages I understand. I came full circle to an understanding of what many before me have concluded, and none say it better than:
we are all reflections of one another
“within you another me & within me another you”

I kept hearing all week variations of:
We live in great abundance.

"When you feel inspiration there is responsibility to use it."

Elephant Revival | Cacao
Salmon | Sweet Potato

Testoterone | Creativity
Ego | Humility
Finesse | Force
Character | Intellect
Masculine | Feminine
Confidence | Gratitude

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bellingham | Nest | Oregon | Gathering

"I call a man awake who knows in his conscious reason his innermost unreasonable force, drives, and weaknesses and knows how to deal with them." _Herman Hesse

Narcissus and Goldmund has been another important life colliding Hesse experience for me. I welcome it.

Would I be content later in life if I don't dedicate my youth to the chase, the pursuit, the dream?
Such conviction asserts that outside thrill-based athleticism is indeed the dream, but is it right?

"Anything authentic starts with curiosity." _Tate

I included the photos from the Oregon Eclipse Gathering here that relate to the people/family, what ever have you. There is a theme of sorts. Flower of Life.

Bassnectar | Clarity

In selecting photos I feel as though I am approaching a sort of maturity. I notice I am less partial to 'good' photography as compared to emotion/depth in a moment. I always selected with this in mind. I feel it coming to a head as I erase my duties to the gods of photography, and maybe it is getting me closer to the essence I seek anyways.

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Orcas Island